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Private Label Test Kits & Reagents for the Water Treatment Industry

Our test kits will help you outsell your competition – If you don’t outsell your competition, we will take our kits back.

  • Our line of new OgranoPhosphonate kits reduces testing time, decreases procedural steps, increases sharpness of endpoint.
  • Our latest OrganoPhosphonates Colorimeter kit can test down to 1.5 ppm of OrganoPhosphonate. You can now eliminate the need for
  • Our line of new Polymer tests allows you to test for polymers directly expensive molybdate tracers. without relying on expensive and semi-reliable tracers.
  • We now have powder pillows to replace Hach pillows used in colorimeter tests.

We specialize in Private Label Test Kits/Reagents.

  • Private labeling increases your name retention. Customers see your name every time they use your kits. They’ll call you instead of your competition when they need something.
  • Private labeling increases sales and profits of your main product lines.

Other services we offer

  • no minimum order
  • private label MSDS
  • 20%-50% lower in prices than the largest competitors
  • blind and drop shipment to your customers
  • analytical services – water and wastewater testing, deposit analysis, microbial screening, corrosion evaluation
  • custom kit for special applications
  • contract packaging

Test Kits and Replacement Reagents

  • Hardness
  • Nitrite
  • Sulfite
  • Many More
  • OrganoPhosphonate
  • Polymer
  • Powder Pillows
  • Bio-Displides

For a complete list of test kits, reagents, services, and prices, or any information, please contact us.


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