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In addition to bringing Standard Methods of Analysis into practical, easy to use test kits, our R&D team has developed few products that are unique to our company. The most popular examples are:

ScaleSolv® Modular Mini Water Softeners
ScaleSolv®HV Multi Parameter Colorimeters
CorroShield® Home Owner's Water Testing Kit
IronSolv® Cleaning & Sanitation Test Kit
HydroShield® Cleaners in Water-Soluble Film
FreezeGuard® Unique Lab Reagents
Polymer Test Kit w/Colorimeter  

Industrial Water Treatment & Specialty Products

ScaleSolv®: This is an acid Descaler to remove carbonate based deposits. It is unique for it can be used to remove deposits from galvanized and aluminum metal surfaces with minimum corrosion to the base metal. It also prevents chemical plating of copper over steel like other acid cleaner do. 

ScaleSolv®HV: This a ready to use version of the above described product with the added features of high viscosity and surfactancy. These two features allow the chemical to cling to vertical surfaces increasing the contact time of chemical and deposit. This product is used by water treatment companies and plant engineers to keep the outer fills of the cooling towers clean. It is applied by spray and wash.

CorroShield®: This is a corrosion inhibitor for acid cleaning that can be mixed with muriatic acid, sulfamic acid, several organic acids for acid descaling. It has a very high affinity for yellow metals and iron based metals. It has a strong odor, but it surpasses the Rodine inhibitors used in Industrial descaling, and it cost less.

IronSolv®: We have two versions of this formula, one that works at neutral pH and one that starts working at acid pH. When only Iron oxides are present IronSolv® Plus is the product to use to remove Iron Oxide on-line. When a carbonate deposit is mixed with the Iron Oxide, IronSolv® Ultra is a more efficient formulation. Both products are to be used on-line with side filtration to slowly remove the oxides of iron and passivate the base metal.

HydroShield®: We have a few formulas under this name: One to be used in closed loops with open tanks where variations on pH and microbilogical contamination become challenging. The product keeps the system strongly buffered at pH of 9.2 and it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi over 2% concentration. The other formula under this name is designed to treat Aluminum boilers where iron or steel pipes are part of the system. It meets the pH requirements to treat Aluminum (7 to 8.5) and it protects iron based metals under the same pH conditions.

We also offer a formula called HydroShield® LT to be used for lay up of cooling towers to minimize iron chip formation during the time of lay-up. When the towers are later started, the product does not need to be flushed, for it is compatible with polymers, phosphonates and other chemicals used in cooling water treatment.

FreezeGuard®: This antifreeze product protects to temperatures down to -65ºC. It is used to flush the coils when out of service. It contains corrosion inhibitors and it can be reused for several season.

Polymer Test Kit: Even when this is not a new development, our polymer test kit has endured the practical application to test for water treatment polymers used in boilers and cooling towers for around 18 years. Is is proven to be more accurate that phosphonate and other tracers to measure the concentration of your blend in the system. Now in addition to running polymer, the low cost colorimeter used in the polymer test allows the operators to test for copper, iron, chlorine, QAC, DBNPA, PAA, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sulfates, etc. 

Other Products can be seen under our Specialty Products Section

Water Conditioning & Purification:

In addition to customizing Demonstration Test Kit and Installer's Test Kits to fit your water testing needs, our R&D team has made several improvements for your testing and presentation. To serve as examples are:

Modular Mini Water Softeners: A step above the glued units offered by other test kits manufacturers. It advantage consists in that the parts screw together without the need for teflon tape. This allows the owner of the unit to exchange resins and add extra chambers to the existing unit to demonstrate his/her system advantages. Check our animated video to get a better idea on how the system works. What is better is that the system is priced the same or lower than previous units.

Inexpensive Colorimeter for Multi Parameter Testing: we have develop reagent systems and conversion charts that allow the use of an existing low cost colorimeter to test for the following parameters: Iron (ferrous, ferric and total), Manganese (low and high range), Chlorine, Chloramine, Sulfates, Copper, Nitrate, QAC disinfectant (to test rinsing all biocide after cleaning a reverse osmosis or filtration system). We are in the process of developing test for Lead and Arsenic with the same unit. Another unit will test for Tannins, Hydrogent Sulfide and Silica.

By using these units, the operator does not have to relay on his vision for accurate results as when using color comparators, it looks more professional and credible to your customers and its cost is low.

Home Owners Water Testing Kit: This is a tool to help generate sales leads. It is a small and inexpensive kit for the home owner to easily test for a few parameter in water and call the water conditioning specialist to take care of undesirable contaminants. It is designed to include a business card with your contact information and to be hanged on a door knob or railing.

Cleaning & Sanitation Industry: Our R&D team has developed reagents to run several important sanitizer/disinfectant/cleaner tests with a low cost colorimeter. Tests include: non-ionic surfactant, QAC, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, PAA and chloramines. In addition the system can be used for testing Iron, Manganese, and Copper which may impact the performance of the sanitizer and, in the case of Laundry applications, be responsible for staining.


Household & Commercial Cleaning: Only few large corporations offer Cleaning Chemicals packaged in Water Soluble films. We are one of them. In addition to be practical these formulas save the user a great deal of transportation cost, less fossil fuel consumption, and in our case a package that is completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. We offer formula development that can be contained in water soluble film to companies looking at marketing their own products.

Laboratory Reagents: ORP solutions are usually unstable after opening. They are also hazardous solutions in most cases. We have develop two ORP powders packaged conveniently in a single use pouch. A pouch can be dissolved in 100 ml of water to make ready to use solutions to test the cleanness of the ORP electrodes. This system eliminates the shipping and handling of hazardous materials, and it guarantees to have fresh standard solutions every time. These products are uniquely offered by WET International, Inc. We also offer a similar system pH 4, 7 and 10 to make fresh pH standards. 


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