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Cooling Tower Carbonate Descaler: ScaleSolv HV

Introduction to ScaleSolv® HV - A High Viscosity Carbonate Scale Remover

In Cooling Towers and other water treatment equipment, Carbonate Scale builds on areas where the chemical treatment does not reach. Examples of these are outer fills of the cooling towers and vertical surfaces. The reason for this build ups is the natural splashing of the water while falling from the return lines. 

Removing (descaling) these carbonate deposits cannot be achieved by recirculating a cleaner through the tower, for the cleaning solution, as it happened with the regular treatment, will not reach these areas. Carbonate Scale build ups are aesthetically undesirable and can lead to corrosion of the base metal.

ScaleSolv® HV is a viscous acid cleaner with built in corrosion inhibitors and surfactants. These features allow for the product to be applied directly to vertical surfaces and maximize its cleaning capacity by increasing the contact time. Both the foam and the viscosity allow for the clinging of the ScaleSov® HV to the vertical surfaces, the corrosion inhibitor allows for the acid to remove the Carbonate Scale deposit while preventing further attack to the base metal. This product is safe on galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, plastic, fiber glass, and wood. 


  • ScaleSolv® HV is applied by direct spray pump, manual or powered. The product does not need to be further diluted, although if the deposit to be removed is light, the product can be diluted with tap water up to 50%.
  • Once applied the product starts reacting with the Carbonate scale generating carbon dioxide. This process aids in the creation of more foam further helping the clinging of the product to the surface of the cooling tower.
  • Once the production of foam stops, the product can be rinsed preferable with a pressure washer. It is safe for the run off to go in the cooling tower basin as it will not affect the water treatment chemistry.
  • After rinsing, evaluate the results and repeat the process if necessary. As a rule of thumps, one gallon of ScaleSolv® HV will remove 3 to 4 lbs of calcium carbonate scale


ScaleSolv® HV is offered in 5 gal pails, 15 gal drums, 55 gal drums, and 275 gal totes. The best seller is the 5 pails which are easy to handle. Since the product is stable at room temperature for over two years, larger packages can be stocked.

For further information and samples, please call us  at 630-540-2113 or email us at info@wet-international.com

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